Spring 2017

Silence / Pause

It’s time to take a break.
For the Samsøe & Samsøe collection Spring 2017 season it is time to
move forward and cherish a more silent future.

This season we will challenge the way we consider the transition of time and its influence on how we dress. Silence, pause and time for thoughtfulness are the luxury of spring.
It’s time to rethink our lives and create a new state of mind.
Everyday active classics are edited to form and function. Transitional layers of fabric from carefree surfaces to dry wrinkles are new for Spring creating 24/7 wearables ready for day and night. Details on jackets and dresses are calm and quiet where reworked stitching’s are mixed with late modern 90s cut-outs and high slits.

The collection embraces a relaxed sporty and laid-back style, where time to consider design, tactility and structure is the essence. The tailored suits for women and men are clean and timeless, but transition in length and volume for the breezy season. Suiting jackets are longer, shorts and pants wider and designed with a comfortable, soft and sporty feel.

Oversized trench coats and polo shirts, paired with wavy rolled up linen pants, sneaks and an added scarf are significant for the menswear collection of the season. Women wear layers of styling combining dresses in sheer fabric with slim or floating pants and a shiny bomber jacket giving an extra airy volume.

The colours and shades are fresh for Spring, adding shadow green, soft whites and neutral pastels with pop-up sky blue, cool pink and calm darks. Materials feel crafted and natural, combining seersucker, crushed velvet and soft corduroy with lightweight fabric, sporty nylon crisp and hybrid technical materials.

Let’s appreciate the stylish comfortable silhouette,
and take a serene break together in stillness.
It is time for spring!

Explore the new collection at samsoe.com

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