Samsøe Stories: Nicole Huisman

Up close and personal with friends of the Samsøe & Samsøe house.

Nicole Huisman, Stylist & Creative.

Shot by our Samsøe darling Chloé Chanté we share with you portraits taken in our ambassadors’ homes giving us a glimpse into their everyday lives and uniforms.

Our ambassadors are people we find inspiring. Men and women we look to when we need a photographer for a shoot, a DJ for an event or maybe just an inspiring voice to listen to over a coffee.


“Plants are my thing. Our house is filled with greens and the indoor forest is growing bigger & bigger.”


“Since the invention of cute, lace triangle bra’s, all my wired ones are banned out of my closet. I like it when they sneaky peek trough a shirt or blouse.”


“I’m half Indonesian, so when wearing a kimono I mostly feel too much asian. This white one keeps it all in balance, though.”


“Cowboy off-duty ;)”


“PJ-dressing is my current obsession. Just can’t get enough of matching silky shirts + bottoms. They are so easy to play around with – dress them up with heels and a bold lip and you are party-proof, wear ‘m with sneakers & a high ponytail and your ready for Saturdays brunch.”


“Pink + green + gold = a color match made in heaven.”


“Heavy knits: yes. Boring colors: no thanks. I love to wear as much as color as possible, especially in fall & winter.”


“I think bare backs are super sexy. Not too much out there, sexy in a modest, chic way.”


“I LOVE prints, I think the days I’m not wearing any are rare. Besides that, oversized is my middle name, so when those two come together in one outfit, all is fine.”


“I got a guitar for my birthday years ago, and still figuring out how to handle this bad boy. For now, I can do two songs, but I’m sure lots more will follow :)”


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