Introducing Winter

Fantastic Woman – Fantastic Man

The timeless wardrobe.

It’s time to celebrate the classics! This winter it’s all about contemporary tailored silhouettes and refined long lasting qualities inspired by the past. We will see a thoughtful and curated wardrobe where simplicity in design is the luxury of the season.

Samsøe & Samsøe’s look for Winter 2016 is inspired by a mix of styles and materials.
Luxury daywear, refreshed tailoring and monochrome romantics create a timeless wardrobe.

Sartorial silhouettes from the 1950s give way to crafted qualities. Fabrics have a retro appeal like flecked knits, jackets are in brushed navy wool and straight-line suiting comes in pin stripes for all genders.

Workwear details and classic sport elements like the popular polo are functional and an understated luxury for the season.
Tonal dressing combining velvet with high shine satin weavings and matt comfy wool mixes create an easy volume and the new soft power look.

Feminine nostalgic drapes inspired by iconic designer Madeleine Vionnet are balanced with masculine influences.

Long lingerie sheer dresses have exposed backs and minis play with contemporary asymmetry and graphic off-shoulder details. The structured clean lines give a sophisticated update to eveningwear.

The winterscape universe is the theme for prints and colours. Variations of winter-white Shades, traditional classics like deep pine green and dense darks are explored with pop purple and blushed neutrals all reflecting the modern wardrobe. Prints come in night sky with tiny stars and flowers are covered with snow inspired by François Ducharne.

Refine your wardrobe – become timeless.

Explore the winter collection at now.


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