SAMSØE STORIES: Stephania Potalivo

Up close and personal with friends of the Samsøe & Samsøe house.

Stephania Potalivo, actress.

Shot by our Samsøe darling Luka Roné we share with you portraits taken in our ambassadors’ homes or neighbourhoods giving us a glimpse into their everyday lives and uniforms.

Our ambassadors are people we find inspiring. Men and women we look to when we need a photographer for a shoot, a DJ for an event or maybe just an inspiring voice to listen to over a coffee.



“My name is Stephania Potalivo and I’m an actress. The three most important things in my life are love, good food and humor.”



“I love it when a piece of clothing can be both stylish, but also convenient.”



“I love to watch people. I often sit and look at random people walking by.”



“Favorite color; Off white.”



“My favorite shoes are sneakers. Especially when they are new and crispy white.”



”My favorite piece of clothing is probably a cool leather jacket.”



”My favorite means of transportation is my beloved bicycle… When the weather is good that is.”



“I always enjoy a good cup of coffee. Any time of the day.”



”I’m a great fan of soft materials. I never wear materials that itches.”



“I LOVE co-ords. I’m always very indecisive when it comes to combining different outfits. So if the pieces already matches, I’m very happy!”

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