Samsøe Stories: Hommes Equipe

Up close and personal with friends of the Samsøe & Samsøe house.

Addy & Jefferson from Hommes Equipe.

Shot by our Samsøe darling Chloé Chanté we share with you portraits taken in our ambassadors’ homes giving us a glimpse into their everyday lives and uniforms.

Our ambassadors are people we find inspiring. Men and women we look to when we need a photographer for a shoot, a DJ for an event or maybe just an inspiring voice to listen to over a coffee.


“Two best friends taking each other through the best journey of life. The only way you can do this is by smiling each day.”



“And if one trips the other one got his back.”



“This is where it all started for us! Our fathers who loved to take pictures with their vintage camera.”



“Black and white can make some pictures more interesting.”



“Always a big smile on his face, celebrating the beauty of life! We think green is the new colour. You can’t go without having green colours in your wardrobe nowadays.”



“A nice ocean blue colour surrounding Addy.”



“A few necessary essentials a man need in one picture. A great hat; a nice leather jacket and a leather travel bag. Every man needs those essentials to finish the perfect outfit!”



“Walking in Amsterdam wondering when the day came that we decided to become online influencers.”



“I still enjoy going through my closet and see how I can put some layering in my outfit.”



“Imagining myself on the red carpet of Amsterdam.”



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”



“Bringing light into the darkness….”



“What people maybe don’t know is that we’re a big fan of the style icons Art Comes First.”



“Red hat, golden shades & a blue outfit are a perfect combination. Don’t you think?”



“Sometimes you have to create your own catwalk in life.”



“Amsterdam is one of the biggest denim cities in the world. That is why we wear a lot of indigo.”



“Looking out over our city.”



“If you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet come and visit The Amsterdam Tower with a stunning view of the city.”




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