Samsøe & Samsøe’s look for Autumn 2016 finds inspiration in everyday life, embracing darkening skies and the feel of a truly Scandinavian season. The approach is simple and honest; a celebration of dedication, craftsmanship and authenticity. Shapes are iconic, details subtle while yarns and fabrics generate a quiet sense of luxury. Knits are cosy and comforting, tweeds grainy and raw.

Soft velvets, sheer jersey, and satin weave viscose are feminine and soft: the tension between the rugged and the refined a mirror of autumn landscapes and moods. Open backs, slits and easy silhouettes are at once inviting and elegant. Kimonos are graceful, short jackets and cropped pants suggesting a modern feel.

Sportswear details lend an edge to classic tailoring, shaping a look that is contemporary yet timeless. Casual layers are functional, urban and cool. Hoods, hand knit gauge and military luxe easy, uncomplicated.

Prints mirror Asian influences, bringing pale light and cherry blossom to winter landscapes. Frosty blues and denim mirror the sky. Dark greens, jet-black and grey create depth while fiery red and brown timber tones are warm and rustic.

This is an everyday journey.

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