Samsøe Stories: Maria Barfod

Up close and personal with friends of the Samsøe & Samsøe house.

Maria Barfod, Stylist/DJ.

Shot by our Samsøe darling Luka Roné we share with you portraits taken in our ambassadors’ homes giving us a glimpse into their everyday lives and uniforms.

Our ambassadors are people we find inspiring. Men and women we look to when we need a photographer for a shoot, a DJ for an event or maybe just an inspiring voice to listen to over a coffee.


“As humans we need rutines. As a rutine we need more jazz hands.”



“The perfect bra, I have one in every color”



“My style: Hoochie mixed with scandi classic. “



”Blending in”



”We have a lot of art at our place. Gifts, inherit art and pieces found around the world. We never plan our decor, we just find pieces we like and make it work.”



”Crispy white”



”Fruity Loops”



”When my husband and I moved to this apartment we bought one thing. A mini bar and agreed that we should always be able to have a party. Everyday.”



“Definitely gonna be the look of the summer. Tee and a dress.”


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