Samsøe Stories: Jade D’econzac

Up close and personal with friends of the Samsøe & Samsøe house.

Jade D’econzac, Odalisque Magazine.

Shot by our Samsøe darling Luka Roné we share with you portraits taken in our ambassadors’ homes giving us a glimpse into their everyday lives and uniforms.

Our ambassadors are people we find inspiring. Men and women we look to when we need a photographer for a shoot, a DJ for an event or maybe just an inspiring voice to listen to over a coffee.


“It’s a pleasure taking care of this beautiful green creature. It has been my closest and longest relationship to date.”



“Bowie, Kusama, McQueen, cacti and snakeprint is what keeps me going.”



”I love seeing the success of odalisque magazine.”



”The most appreciated time of the day: the coffee break.”



”On my 20th birthday I decided to treat my fingers to something even more precious than jewelry.”



”One flight of stairs above me lives a man named Bach. Bach! What if he is related to the great…”



“Can you say stunning about yourself without being a bigger narcissist than Napoleon himself?”



“I imagine this being an outfit for an epic night out.”



“There is something so natural about standing in this exact corner, I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels safe.”



“The kitchen is the heart of our home. All the great times since moving in has taken place in the kitchen.”



“Suede and snakeprint? Yes. Yes. Yes.”

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