// Introducing : Mitchell //


Who are you?

Mitchell Vergeer, a 24 year old Storemanager at Samsøe & Samsøe, Amsterdam.

What else do you do?

I’m working on my Bachelor degree in Commercial Economics and I’m a freelance Photographer.

What is your favorite activity?

Definitely longboarding with a friend of mine. I love the total silence there is around you, except from the sound from your wheels racing over the asphalt. Haha!

What does your bucketlist look like?

Visiting Indonesia and Australia. I’ve already visited the United States which I recommend to all.

What is your best characteristic?

Hmm.. I think my sense of humor and my social skills. I’m easy to hang out with and I’m always honest. I think lots of people lack on their honesty which is a shame because nobody likes someone who’s fake.

What is your worst characteristic?

I have to be honest after the last question now, yes? Uhm.. I’m sort of a control freak and have really high standards when it comes to structure and keeping things clean. I think my colleagues know what I’m talking about!

We can wake you for?

I love my rest so I’d rather not be interrupted whilst sleeping, but if you are able to wake me up and I’ve been cranky for 20 minutes I’m in for a lot of things: A good party, a few drinks, even a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Haha! Also you can always wake me for a good conversation – I like good conversations.

What really bothers you?

Ignorance! I get frustrated when people do things without thinking it through or not being able to think things through at all. A girl once pointed out that I’m not a fun person to be with if things that I don’t understand happen. If I can’t find myself in someone’s opinion or actions I get mad. I need to be able to accept and understand things, if not then it’s not me but their fault for acting stupid. That’s how I think but I know that’s something to work on.





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